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    Grow Kashi has partnered with Modern OM to create a line of 108-bead malas uniquely designed for the campaign!

    This special line of Grow Kashi malas have been developed in the image of gratitude and contain a powerful combination of elements to elicit this heart centered quality.  With the healing properties of violet sandalwood, and deep green jade to represent the heart chakra, these malas are a powerful testament to the healing nature of the heart.

    In the 108 x 108 campaign, each 108-bead mala can be purchased for $108. As all proceeds go to the Grow Kashi Campaign, the 108 x 108 campaign offers a unique opportunity to both support the campaign, as well as receive our gratitude in the form of a powerful hand crafted mala.

    Malas can be pre-ordered by clicking the “Donate Now” button and donating $108 to Grow Kashi, followed by an email to containing your name and mailing address.

    Materials: violet sandalwood and green tree jade


    About Kashi

    Kashi is a contemporary, sustainable, spiritual oasis for every heart, offering diverse opportunities to awaken, replenish and serve. Kashi was founded in 1976 by Brooklyn-born spiritual teacher, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati. Kashi’s purpose is to awaken a radical awareness about one’s spiritual self and the issues that face the world today. We believe that an awakened soul is a catalyst to change the world. The community exemplifies the ideal that all paths followed with an authentic heart lead to one’s own God within. Kashi welcomes people from all walks of life and circumstances to share and find refuge in love and kindness without distinction as to religion, race, color, creed or sexual orientation. Kashi is committed to interreligious and interfaith dialogue, envisioning a world in which all are treated with kindness, dignity and respect.

    Kashi is situated on 80 acres of land along the banks of the St. Sebastian River & State Preserve; a 22,000 acre nature preserve in central Florida’s Treasure Coast. Sebastian is known for its natural environment with native flora and fauna, pristine beaches and great surfing and quaint towns.

    The community is very alive with diverse spiritual programming, service projects, learning opportunities, nature and environmentally oriented activities, and an atmosphere to retreat, replenish and heal. Kashi is also host to its own Yoga School, a unique system of yoga called Kali Natha Yoga, a vibrant retreat center, two sustainability projects centered on permaculture and animals, and continues the meaningful service work of the River Fund in our larger local and global communities.

    Genesis of the Grow Kashi Campaign

    In April 2012, Kashi’s spiritual founder Ma Jaya passed away. Since then, the community has been working to share their sacred space in an expanded way through various programs and the community itself. As a result, more and more people are visiting Kashi to dive deeper into their own paths by way of Kashi’s natural beauty, tranquil environment, sacred spaces, and the support of loving community. Today, Kashi has outgrown its physical capacity to serve our existing and growing community. In order for Kashi to survive, thrive and have a larger impact on the world, the community needs resources and support – both financial and professional – so that it may blossom into its next phase.

    The Grow Kashi Campaign is intended to strengthen and communicate Kashi’s message of radical acceptance and the sacred nature of all spiritual paths, in an effort to serve, inspire and educate people from around the world. The community, infrastructure, and enterprise-building initiatives proposed by Grow Kashi are broad and sweeping in their scope and impact, and are supported by both long-time community members and the increasing number of “next-generation members” who have returned to the fold.

    The Grow Kashi campaign was an idea that originated from Ma’s grandson Tony Vajra Hanuman Cho and his wife Ximena Sharada Cho. They generously committed $108,000 as a matching grant and are spearheading the “Grow Kashi” initiative. This matching gift is intended to kick start the Grow Kashi Campaign and to inspire others to participate in making the future of Kashi prosperous and sustainable.

    The next generation of Kashi members are integrating with the original members to create an inspiring and abundant future vision for Kashi, while embracing and respecting it’s deep history and roots. We invite you to join our community and collaborate with us in crafting a vibrant Kashi campus!



    What is Grow Kashi

    The Grow Kashi Campaign is a community-wide initiative aimed at making Kashi more effective, prosperous and sustainable, thereby elevating the mission of Kashi, it’s members and the communities and people it impacts. Integral to the Grow Kashi Campaign is an effort to support and expand the capacities of Kashi’s existing projects such as the the Kashi School of Yoga, Kashi Studio Rentals, the Eco Project, Sustainable Kashi, and The River Fund. Grow Kashi has also engaged Roberto Rovira – a cutting edge eco-oriented landscape architect – to develop an in-depth plan for a sustainable, community-wide Eco Campus and Eco Village.

    The future of Kashi now rests in the hands of the community and the future generations, who are collaborating together to articulate a new vision for the future.

    This will support Kashi in further expanding its reach as a destination on the vanguard of community-based spiritual learning, service work, transformation and awakening, environmental stewardship and sustainability with the capacity to educate others.

    Our goal is to raise $1,008,000 over three years to achieve the vision of an elevated Sacred Kashi. These funds are needed to execute the most pressing capital improvements, to provide ongoing support to Kashi’s visionary humanitarian efforts in environmentalism and peace-building, and to create an integrated platform for all of Kashi’s initiatives in the future.

    The most pressing initiatives are listed below:




    Develop the Shirdi Eco Village Campus

    Our vision is to develop the Shirdi Guest House area into a full-fledged Eco Village and Guest Campus. To do so, we have developed a conceptual master plan that integrates Sustainable Kashi, the Eco Project, and the Shirdi Guest House into a cohesive campus. This initiative respects residents and welcomes guests to a restorative retreat center with a thriving eco-village campus, offering connectivity to nature and the community as a whole.

    Our vision for the Shirdi Eco-Village Campus is to

    • Enhance food forests and grow local, organic produce for Kashi Community and the community at large
    • Preserve the native wildlife, long-lasting wetlands and natural habitat
    • Create spaces in which native Florida can be experienced and appreciated
    • Ensure the wellbeing of all residents of Kashi including our aging population and children, and
    • Expand the variety of guest accommodations and improve the current studio spaces for retreats.

    Kashi Sacred Retreats

    • Create more opportunities for people to visit and experience Kashi for short and long term stays with various options for accommodations
    • Kashi Sacred Retreats are individually designed short or long term retreats for anyone wishing to visit Kashi's sacred grounds
    • Create a space for healing and rejuvenation
    • Offer a variety of well-priced accommodations ranging from a more comfortable stay to a camping experience or international work exchange
    • Offer a full retreat experience with a list of healing and wellness services, nature tours, and service opportunities designed to bring inner harmony and adventure to the Kashi experience.

    Studio Spaces

    • Integral components of this transformation include: the expansion of the Shirdi Guest Campus to host more retreats and the improvement of current studio spaces.
    • Improve spaces for yoga, spiritual practice and retreats
    • Make Kashi a retreat destination for yoga teachers, innovators, thought leaders and healers from around the world.

    The improvements for this campaign include: cleaning up and organizing the plant beds and gardens, designing and producing signage, and creating a growth and integration plan for renovating the Shirdi Guest House. These projects will include new floors, kitchen, painting, landscaping, bathrooms and outdoor showers. Our plan will also improve wayfinding tools throughout the campus and connect Kashi’s main points of interest (signage, lighted pathways, address ADA issues, maps and self-guided tours of Kashi) as well as centralize parking and shield with landscaping. We will create outdoor recreation areas for dining, reading and meditation. The highly anticipated Yoga Palapa will be the heart of the Shirdi campus area.

    Anticipated cost: $350,000.



    Laxman House Welcome Center

    Our vision is to complete the Laxman Welcome Center so that Kashi may become a global destination for spirituality and community building. This welcome center will collectively serve as a center for social and commercial activities for residents, travelers and retreaters. The following initiatives will be housed at the Laxman Welcome Center:

    Community Hall

    A gathering place for meetings, events, community building and service projects.

    Feed Everyone

    “Feed Everyone” is a mainstay value and mission at Kashi. As a result, we have been serving healthy, nourishing meals since 1990 and serve over 100 meals per week. Help us welcome the community at large for home-cooked, organic, vegetarian meals and the company of community.


    This program is intrinsic to the current mission of Kashi to provide high quality, nutritious meals to food-insecure and low-income families, seniors, the homeless and schoolchildren in the local area.

    Sustainable Kashi Gardens

    In the future, we anticipate that the Sustainable Kashi permaculture project inventory of fruit trees and acres of organic vegetables will yield wondrous crops to help feed the poor and supply Kashi’s future co-op.

    Kashi Market

    Expansion of Kashi’s monthly market aims to create a retail environment featuring Kashi’s organic produce and other locally made treasures. Our goal is also to develop a food co-op where people can purchase produce and products grown and made at Kashi.


    We aim to build classrooms for both environmental and spiritual learning.

    The improvements for this campaign include upgrading the Cafe & Kitchen, the most-utilized destination at Kashi. Infrastructure is needed, including water and sewer upgrades, along with refrigeration improvements. The Kashi Welcome Center needs new furniture and serving tables in order to serve more residents and guests and offer healthy, affordable, vegetarian meals. This campaign includes the development of a co-op to sell organic food products from Kashi- based businesses and expansion of Ma’s India, the Kashi giftstore. A large outdoor dining and serving area will allow for larger groups and special events. Lastly we will transform the entrance and parking area of Laxman to accommodate more people, facilitate easy traffic flow, light up dark areas, and enhance the overall experience of this sanctuary.

    Estimated cost: $400,000.

    Kashi Branding/Marketing/Planning

    • New Kashi Logo – Completed!
    • Grow Kashi Website – Completed!
    • Laxman Welcome Center Site Plan – Completed!
    • Shirdi Guest House & Eco Village Site Plan – Completed!
    • New website – In Progress
    • All new marketing collateral – In Progress
    • Improved software for operations – On Going
    • Support Staff Salaries – On Going

    Estimated Cost – $258,000


    The goal is to raise $1,008,000 over the next three years to achieve the vision of an elevated Sacred Kashi

    • 17% FUNDED

    • $167,000 PLEDGED

    • $1,008,000 GOAL

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